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At the highest council

In castle Interfaith

The gods are meeting

With the mortals they made

The eternal stood

Against the will of humans

And would so forever


Something new happened

Something changed

The gods had not created

The humans had not given birth to

The creature who appeared

This one

Walked at the edge of the waters

With the shining one

Men did not know him

Women did not be with her

The gods had not

Created the realm

Of the one who appeared

The one who appeared

Took the two tribes in its hands

And balanced the sexes on its feet

With a great grin

The juggle began

And now no one

Can catch their breath ever again

Artist gallery:

All characters, places and terms in this piece of fiction belongs to me and is a registred trademark of the LoneWolfBooks brand. This work of fiction is completely free, but please do not distribute the text and images without the authors permission. Here will also be a collection of links to the artists that have provided sketches and images for this website. Thank you!

Madhattermonster (Tymor logo and Permeter image on blog)
Batter (Pic on Disclaimer) Website to be decided
Connie Cartwright (Titan design)
Henrik Magnusson (Hounds of God cover)
Charlotte Bayford(Strigimorphea images)
Patrik Tikkanen (Ship chapter 1 images) Website to be decided
Polawat Darapong (ship chapter 1 image)
Melissa Davidsson (ship chapter 1 image)
David Hopkins (Reynald design)
Hanna Engström
Oesalces (Super Power Logo)