Journeys East of Knez

In the mountain of Knez, in the town of Coalmarten, home of the werewolves

Born from a stone egg (or so he says)

Is the inventor-monkey Givased

Workin in a museum, he wishes to learn and explore the world

After meeting a couple of strange characters, his adventure begins

East of Knez

Towards Xuangzang goes his path

Hailing from the school of red magic in the elven woods

Magint the fox, a mighty magician

Hearing of mighty magic hidden in Knez he comes

His goal, his love? The powerful Pauline

Towards Shem goes his path to build a tower

In the mountain ranges there

To seek his true passion every day

DidIprai, a slow and awkward rabbit

Seeing visions of a titan speaking to him

Nobody will hate him, he will be a lover, a king

If he just takes these scrolls to Dedaria

Having gotten the scrolls from the temple of time, he waits

For his true companions to be revealed

And the blessings to start rain down upon his godless people

A assassin queen, a pig merchant

As well as some sort of sand dragon-horse thingy

Joins them east of Knez

Please note that this game is very early in developement, and that all graphics and sounds are placeholders. No copyright infrigement intended!

Gameplay instructions are detailed in the intro

In any case, please send any and all feedback, bug reports and other stuff to:

Thanks, and have fun!

Cast of characters

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