Cuniculus Ludere (Mischief of the rabbit)

Imagine you are waking up, top lawyer of the worlds foremost animation studio.

Imagine your new movie is released in just three short weeks!

Imagine somebody bursts into your office completely unannounced!

Imagine it is a a giant bunny

Imagine the bunny is pissed, because it is apparently the lord of the dead

And your new movie decipts it as a villain

Imagine it gives you three weeks to remake the movie


Well imagine no longer, because that totally just happened

Cuniculus Ludere

A game about running from your problems

Please note that this game is very early in developement, and that all graphics and sounds are placeholders. No copyright infrigement intended!

In this version you can press S to skip the level you are currently on

That is so that you can continue evaluating the gameplay even if you encounter a bug

In any case, please send any and all feedback, bug reports and other stuff to:

Thanks, and have fun!

Cast of characters

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